The Flavian Bible Intro

*I would like to preface this by stating that I am in favor of Flavian rule. However, they are not without their faults. So, this book is about the rise and fall and rise again of Flavian rule.

In order to understand their fall from Grace, one must understand the circumstances and mistakes (and hubris) on their part that caused their own downfall. And, they need to understand the changes they must make in order to continue their Divine Guardianship of this planet.
Thus,…I write this book.*


Flavius means "golden" thus the "Golden Age" was the Flavian Age… age that was ruled by the House of Flavius. Thus, when we once again return to a Golden Age, it will be ruled by the House of Flavius. So, there is a possibility of good times ahead under Flavian rule….if they don't blow up the whole planet before that can happen. Yes, that is a distinct possibility right now.

The Flavians were a new breed of men created by God in the land of Nepal. Thus, these Nepalians became known as the Nephilim. These men ate of a naturally occurring substance found in the mountains of Nepal, which was later referred to as "manna" and it transformed them into highly intelligent immortals and they shared this new found intelligence with their own offspring and the mortals with whom they came into contact. In fact, with their increased intelligence, they figured out scientifically how to make this manna themselves and fed it to their own family and friends, creating their own House of Immortals. The Flavians had the perfect pedigree, and they only procreated with their own kind: immortals.

In time, they moved West to the land of Greece and became known as Greek businessmen,…traders. (These Flavian Nephilim were the Greeks who later built the legendary Atlantis.)

They built civilizations and, in their cities, they built temples that served as education centers, universities. They were a blessing from God to make life better for not only themselves, but also for the mortals they were created to take care of…..and cultivate. These Flavian Nephilim had the God-given job of transforming this whole planet into a Paradise….which is why they were spreading out across the land and spreading their intelligence and technology with them. They were the perfect engineers because, when they saw problems,… they had the intelligence to fix those problems.

These Immortals were men of vision and the mortals willingly provided the muscle they needed to make their vision a reality because their vision served the best interests of everyone on the planet.

God had given them a lot, thus He expected a great deal in return from these immortals, these Flavian Nephilim. Mainly, God wanted them to shepherd his flock,…his people,…the mortals….the same pool of people from which God had taken the Flavians. God had created these Nephilim Immortals from mortals, so He expected them to identify and sympathize with the weaknesses of mortals and do right by them.

The Flavian Nephilim developed and reshaped their world for the better. They made it better with their advanced knowledge of the sciences and they made life more enjoyable for the mortals with the Trade of goods and natural resources from other lands round about them.

These white Greek Nephilim were also identified later as Hittites and they spread their realm of control into Kemet (Egypt), which means "the land of the black men", but that land was also ruled by brown skinned men. Thus, Kemet was ruled by people of color before the Flavians arrived.

The black and brown men had ruled Kemet for several centuries and were very accomplished traders of commodities, but they lacked the technological skills that the white Flavian Nephilim possessed. So, when the Flavian, Imhotep, entered into the land of Kemet with a few fellow Nephilim, offering them clean drinking water for all their people, they viewed the Flavian Nephilim as their friends, who had come in peace, so they welcomed them and all the intelligence they brought with them. These white men became their friends. So, they began building the pyramids, which were initially to serve as water treatment facilities providing clean drinking water for everyone.

Imhotep was of the offspring of Ptah,…a Patriarch of the Flavian Nephilim and the creator of their evolving mindset that would help them gain the position of control over all Trade and Military. This position of control would later be called "Armageddon". What the Flavians really wanted was control of the natural resources of Kemet, which is the sole reason they ventured into that land.

Trade and business would build the economy that gained the support of the people. Who would prove to be the better businessman and leader of the country? The black man or the white man? The mortal or the immortal? Determining the answer to that question would prove to be the downfall of Kemet/Egypt.

Imhotep worked alongside King Djoser of Egypt in developing Kemet into a more civilized and productive society, but his ultimate goal was to take control of Egypt out of the hands of the people of color and place that control into the hands of the white Flavian Nephilim. This was the logical course of action and obviously best for everyone because the Flavians were far more intelligent and could run the world far more smoothly than the mortals could. The mortals simply had to be convinced of this fact.

Imhotep built the first pyramid for Djoser at Saqqara. In fact, Imhotep came to be in charge of the pitchers of water being given to the masses. This clean drinking water made the people healthier and extended their life spans, thus Imhotep became regarded as a savior of the people….and several centuries later was deified by these Nephilim Greeks as a god, the Savior of mankind. He was the precursor to Jesus Christ.

The masses loved Imhotep, who was made the High Priest of Heliopolis in Lower Egypt where he promoted the worship of his Patriarch, Ptah. This High Priest, Imhotep, proved to be recognized as the Holy Man who provided the Holy Water for Ra's people. Holy water came from the pyramids and these Flavian Nephilim, the builders of the pyramids, were recognized as the ones who transformed unclean water that made people sick,….into Holy Water that healed them. Points for the Flavians.

Now, the black and brown people of Kemet had created a Matriarchal system where women served as co-regents with men. Women held equal status to men under their system and life was good for everyone under this system. But, this system of government did not suit the needs of the Flavian Nephilim who wanted more than just to serve these mortals. They wanted to rule over them as their King, Lord, and Savior.
(This can be compared to the Serpent in the prophetic Garden of Eden allegory. His God-given duty was to care for God's people in His Garden, but the Serpent wanted to rule over the people of the Garden as their God. He wanted them to bow to him as their God, thus he began twisting God's directive in order to empower himself to the point that he was no longer a Servant of the people, but they became servants/slaves to him instead,...but we will get to that later.)

Imhotep and his fellow Nephilim were responsible for providing the technology that gave clean drinking water to the people of Kemet (Egypt), thus they became the Guardians of the water because they were the only ones with the intelligence to create it. However, the kings could take credit for what the Flavians had accomplished for them. So, the people loved the kings just as much and possibly more than they loved the Flavian Nephilim, which did not sit well with them at all.

The symbol of the Flavians was the Serpent, which was recognized as the Guardian of the Holy Water. And, the kings of Egypt who wore the Serpent on their crowns also came to serve in this capacity as Guardians of the water because they continued building more and more pyramids to provide clean drinking water for their people throughout the land. The Serpent was a symbol of good at that time. It was the symbol of God's chosen Cherub,…the Flavians.

The Flavians married into the royal family of Kemet. Yes, a Nephilim married a mortal woman in order to take that throne for the Nephilim from within as they built that civilization into something far grander than the mortals could have ever envisioned for it. These Greek Flavian Nephilim eventually built the legendary Atlantis….and Kemet/Egypt was a part of it.

The colors of the Greek Flavian Nephilim were black, red, and white,….the colors of the rocks of their homeland, Greece. Gold was also one of their colors because their name means "golden". So, when they built the pyramids of Giza, they covered one in black stone, one in red stone, and one in white stone. The benben stone at the top of each pyramid was covered with gold. And, the sphinx was Anubis, the Guardian of the Dead,….the guardian of the Flavian Nephilim who came to be known as the Dead/the Skulls. Yes, the head of the Sphinx was originally that of the dog, Anubis. And, the layout of the three pyramids of Giza aligned with the Belt of Orion. Both Anubis and Orion create the link back to the Greek Flavian Nephilim and identify them as the creators of the Sphinx and pyramids of Giza.

The Flavians realized that in order for them to take control of Kemet out of the hands of the mortal men of color, they had to change the system from a nurturing one to a warlike one. They needed to program men to follow them blindly into war and they couldn't accomplish this in the current system of Kemet.

The Matriarchal system was a nurturing system that cared for the needs of all the people. They treated all their citizens as they would treat their own children. The men treated their women and children as equals….loving them just as they loved themselves. Love was the bond that held that Matriarchal system together, thus the Flavians realized that in order to destroy that system they had to destroy the love these mortals felt for their wives and children. This was accomplished with their laws that reduced women to nothing but sex slaves and house servants,….chattel. Women and children could be bought and sold under the Greek Flavian patriarchal system. Men were taught to harden their hearts to women and children under the laws of the Flavians….in strict obedience to their Flavian masters.

The Flavians came to control Greece, which included all 200 cities now at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea,….as well as all of Egypt. They were spreading their control southward into that region that would later become known as Upper Egypt. Their intent was to control all the resources of the whole continent of Africa. It was just a matter of time and of forcing that Patriarchal system onto the men so they would rally behind the Flavians in war against those nations that resisted Flavian rule.

They gained control by giving bad advice to the kings of Kemet who trusted them because of all the good they had done for their people. This bad advice resulted in the transfer of power out of the hands of the mortal men of color and into the hands of the white Greek Flavian Nephilim.

The Flavian patriarchal system worked well for the Flavians who lived in shameless luxury as they did whatever they wanted without fear of consequences, but it was a system that made the poverty-stricken mortals very unhappy. They had learned the ways of war for so long that they were now incapable of living in peace with each other. They had lost the ability to love, thus their families were falling apart.

The family unit was the backbone of their civilization and now that family unit was broken due to the Patriarchal system instituted by the Greek Flavian Nephilim that had reduced them all to nothing but slaves on land that had once been theirs but now belonged to the Flavians.
(This is the Greek god that cast Orpheus' love down to Hell and he could never get her back because he was still living under the Patriarchal system created by the Greek Flavian god,….the Serpent. He could desire her, but he could never have her because love is not possible under the Flavian Patriarchal system that dehumanizes and blames women for all the woes heaped upon mankind in order to transfer the blame for man's misery away from the Flavian god that now controlled his mind via his religious programming. I will get into this in further detail later.)

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