Introduction to "The Rise of Lucifer"

*The genius of Creation came out of the darkness of the Universal Mind in the form of a Cosmic Egg, and Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness, ate of this DNA of God….and it transformed his mindset forever. It made him realize he was a god, thus he set out to reveal his divine nature to the world and prove to everyone that he was a true Star.

Lucifer is a composite man, with the same character flaws as many other humans. What distinguishes Lucifer from other humans is his superior intellect and his ability to manipulate the masses with his song.

I liken Lucifer's mindful journey to greatness to that of the rock band, the Eagles, and the song that defined them, "Hotel California". Just watching Felder and Walsh is a religious experience in itself: The heavens opened up and genius shined down on these golden haired boys as they danced their fingers in unison across the heartstrings of the world…and bound millions to them forever.

The song is about a group of men who chased the elusive glamour of Life because they wanted to escape their own reality for something far grander than the "dark, desert highway" that had defined their futile existence for so long.

There was nothing behind them, so the only direction for them was forward and in their quest to embrace the destiny they had envisioned for themselves, they drew millions into their fantasy….and made the world love them and want to emulate them,….and stand in the shadow of their greatness.

For this particular group of men, there is only one woman who can satisfy their needs and she was the one they recognize as their Mother,...pure creative Genius, the Genius that gave birth to them and made them who they were,….gods…creators.

Anyone from within who tried to democratize the group and create social equality was ostracized, dehumanized, and cut from the group because gods have a pecking order, which means they expect other men to bow to their own superior wills.

Men who are gods do not consider themselves equals to mortals who have never been kissed by Genius,….and the one thing that propels these gods into a maddening jealous rage is to see one of their subordinates, one they deem lesser than themselves,… kissed by creative Genius. You see bands break up because of this. You see Kingdoms at each others throats because of this. It's not about ego. It's about super ego which is what gods have, whether those gods are in a band or are ruling the world from the Vatican.*

It is only while these gods are in the presence of this creative Genius that they are truly happy, and the worst day of their lives is not when they die, but when creative Genius can no longer contend with their exaggerated Narcissism and their tyrannical nature,…and she abandons them. The emotional journey of the rock band and Lucifer is the same. Theirs is a religious experience, thus the "mission bells". It's all about Heaven and Hell.

So, some "dance to remember" Genius while others "dance to forget" her. Some simply wish they could get "back to the place (in their minds) where they were before" their quest for the elusive glamour of life took hold of them and drew them toward creative Genius…their preferred mistress, the beautiful goddess you cannot see, cannot touch, and cannot control…but can only feel…experience, and this frustrated her lovers and caused them to turn on each other in fits of rage,…as they waited for her return…to be lifted up and laid down on a cloud,…to see her eyes shining down on them just one more time, and take pleasure in that unique kiss generating the sensation that can only come from her, which gives them the inspiration they need to create. Inspiration and creativity are everything to the gods.

When the Genius and inspiration was gone there was nothing,….and the "shining one" became Death,….Destroyers. If they could not have her, no one could. They would, in fact, do all they could to stifle the creative genius of others from expressing itself in order to maintain their own godlike images. It's all about maintaining the "creator image" for themselves.

So, Lucifer, the shining one, has been desolating this whole planet ever since…as he smells the sweet savor, not of "colitas", but of blood,….as he chauffeurs his millions, who had been content to stand in the shadow of his greatness, back onto that dark, desert highway that once again came to define his emotional existence.

This book is about Lucifer's very human struggle to become a Star starting from the moment he became the twinkle in his own abusive father's blood-sucking vampire eyes.

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