Flavius Rules

*The God of this planet has a Name. It is Flavius. Flavius means "golden" and he is "the Shining One". Flavius is also known as God's Son. And, like his Father, "God",…he too is a Creator.

Flavius is still in the process of being created. So, even though he is highly intelligent and extremely powerful, like his Father,…he is still in a very unstable condition at this time. He needs to be stabilized before he destroys that which he has been destined by The Seer to rule:…this whole planet.

Flavius is the Alpha Male created by God to serve as both the Guardian and Cultivator of the mortal people of earth. He is a composite man with multiple personalities….much like the man in the movie "Identity". Each personality is a part of who he is. Each has its own function in his evolution,…his rise, to the Alpha Male of this planet.

The Destroyer personality is running things right now….and that personality is breaking everything down in order for it to be re-created yet once again by him. He believes he is God. He is. The problem is that he thinks he created himself and doesn't really believe there is a God external to himself. In fact, he regards any power external to himself to be the Satan,…his adversary. And, he is programmed to destroy anyone or anything he regards as a threat to his power,….even the Most High God and those He has sent to speak with The Destroyer,…His Son, in order to correct him and set him on the right path.

Those that the Most High sends to speak with Flavius come from inside his own Body, thus those that God sends to speak with Flavius….are also Flavians. And, the Flavian Destroyer kills his own people, other Flavians, because he doesn't want to listen to what the Most High has to say. Deep down, he really doesn't believe He exists, even though he tells people that he does.

Flavius is a Man at war with himself. One side of him is the Good Shepherd of God's Flock while the other side of him is a Tyrant/Task Master that enslaves and abuses God's Flock. The one personality must subdue the other in order to fulfill the prophecy and establish global peace. (Thus, in the prophetic allegory,…when the seed of the Woman strikes the Head of the Serpent, he is in fact striking himself. He is destroying that aspect of himself that is causing all the problems.)

The Destroyer personality has tried numerous times as God to create a Paradise on earth, and he has failed every time because Perfection cannot be created by a Destroyer personality. Perfection for the Destroyer is Hell for everyone else.

A Paradise cannot be sustained under the Patriarchal system and the abusive human laws, aka, the Mosaic Laws, he keeps trying to force on mankind. The Destroyer is a Tyrant and his laws are in defiance of God Almighty's Laws and simply will not work. The laws in the Bible are human laws, NOT the Laws of the Most High, which is why the Most High removed them from power at Babylon and took the source of their immortality away from them.

The Destroyer's laws were created to turn men into mindless laborers and soldiers in order to further his control of Trade and to expand his realm of control until he finally controls the whole planet and all the natural resources on it. Thus, The Destroyer's laws are about enslaving the minds of men to serve the needs of The Destroyer personality. The Destroyer's laws are about getting him to that position of control over World Trade and Military, known symbolically in the Revelation as "Armageddon".

How do these Laws of The Destroyer enslave men? They destroy man's ability to love. These Laws identify women as nothing but sex slaves and domestic servants to men. They transform these women into subhuman animals,…unequal to men.

What these laborers and soldiers do not realize is that if they were born from an animal, then they are animals themselves and regarded as such by the Flavian who created these laws.

These laborers/soldiers lose the ability to love women and without love, they are no longer men but brute beasts. Mindless beasts make the best soldiers and laborers for their masters,….their creators, thus they serve as the muscle which make's The Destroyer's vision a reality.

When a man will stand by and allow his mother, wife, sisters, daughters, etc to be abused by the laws of his Master,….he is no longer a man, but an animal who can only hear the commands of his Master,….and can no longer hear the pleas of his women begging for mercy.

He hardens his own heart in obedience to his God/Master just as his Master's dogs do for him and he will kill on command. The Destroyer knows that if he can destroy a man's ability to love,….he can control him,….his mind, and his body….the same way he can control his dogs. He trains men the same way he trains his dogs. They are offered a reward for obedience....heaven. And, they are threatened with punishment....Hell,...if they disobey the commands of their Flavian God.

Yes, the Flavian Destroyer has convinced his soldier/laborers that women are the source of all sin and that the misery they suffer is a result of women, so these men blame women for everything that goes wrong in their lives,....instead of blaming the Flavians who enslaved them and robbed them of everything they had,....including the ability to love.

We are waiting for his Matriarchal personality,…his nurturing/healing personality to emerge and take charge because that is the one that is destined to rule this planet. This is the personality that will remove The Destroyer from the dominant position. He will not kill the men who make up The Destroyer because they are a part of him, but he will remove this personality from the controlling position of the Alpha Male,…Flavius. He will be the personality that will put an end to that part of himself that is destroying the earth and all life on it.

If this personality does not emerge soon, "no flesh will be saved" from the wrath of the Flavian Destroyer and ALL life on this planet will come to an end.

The White Lady

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