David Rapes/Marries Bathsheba to Create His Own Royal Priesthood

*Did you know that King David was approximately 60 yrs old when he was standing on his roof looking down at the 15-16 yr old Bath-sheba…watching her take a bath? No this was not going to be a romantic encounter, but a rape. Yes, King David was a dirty old man.

David was a tyrant who did not judge people by God's Laws. He judged them by his amoral standards, which is why Ahithophel, the High Priest, turned against him and sided with Absalom.

David was forced to flee Jerusalem. Why? Because High Priest Ahithopel spoke against David and the people listened to him, which is why the majority of them turned against David and made Absalom their king in his stead.

David hated High Priest Ahithophel for this….and if you read between the lines, it is obvious that David had Ahithopel killed. No High Priest would have hung himself because it is written that "cursed is anyone hung on a pole". (Galatians 3:13, Deuteronomy 21:23)*

Ahithophel was certainly cursed in the eyes of David, so it makes sense that David would have had him killed in this manner, but there is no way that this High Priest would identify himself as an accursed one by hanging himself.

This is the way the story went: King David couldn't sleep that night because the thoughts of a future High Priest taking his power from him was keeping him awake. So, he got up out of bed and walked out on his rooftop balcony and looked down at the house of the current High Priest, Eliam (aka, Ammiel)….probably wondering if this man would turn against him one day just as his father had. Would Eliam want to seek revenge against David for killing his father, Ahithophel? He had to put the fear of him into this new High Priest.

He caught sight of Eliam's daughter, Bath-sheba, taking a bath. Bath-sheba's husband, Uriah, was off fighting in war for David, so she was most likely staying with her parents while he was gone. Girls married at a very young age back them, so she was approximately 15-16 yrs of age at this time….and probably a newlywed. We know this because she had no children.

David sent his men to get her and bring her to him. He raped her, defiling her. Forced her to take another bath to remove the evidence of the rape and then had her taken back to her father's house. He knew she would tell her father what he had done to her. That's what he wanted.

King David was letting the High Priest, Eliam, know to never cross him the way his father did because there was nothing he wouldn't do to him. He was not afraid to kill a High Priest and he was not afraid to rape the daughter of a High Priest. He was showing them that God could not protect them from him.

When he got the news that Bathsheba was pregnant, David knew it had to be his child because her husband was still off fighting in one of David's wars. His first inclination was to get her husband to have sex with her and deceive him into thinking it was his. When this failed he formed another plan. He realized this was a stroke of luck in that it was a way to gain control of the Priesthood, so he would never have to fear it again.

Any offspring by Bathsheba could become a priest,....even a High Priest because her father was the High Priest and this Priesthood consisted of men from the lineage of Aaron, the first High Priest, who was married to a woman from the tribe of Judah, the same tribe from whence David descended. So, there was a precedent set for this union of Levi and Judah for priests.

King David had Bath-sheba's husband killed. He married her, uniting the King and Priest lineages so that he could create a Royal Priesthood. In other words, King David's offspring could judge themselves. NO ONE COULD JUDGE THEM.

2Samuel 8:18 "The sons of David became priests"…..even though all priests were supposed to come from the Tribe of Levi, NOT the tribe of Judah.

Any King who rules by Divine Favor of God….is above his own laws and he is above God's Laws. The only one who can judge him...is himself because the "God" he created believes just like him. He is his own god.

Psychopaths are the same way. They experience no pangs of guilt no matter how heinous the acts are that they commit because they judge themselves as innocent. They can embrace their predatory nature and behave like wild animals tearing their innocent prey to pieces and suffer no consequences for their animalistic actions.

If anyone dies for their sins, it is not them. They always have scapegoats who suffer in place of them.

So, David's marriage to Bathsheba was a political marriage.

His offspring infiltrated the Priesthood and it became a Davidic Priesthood, a Royal Priesthood, that taught the Laws of the House of Judah…..as being Laws that came from God, which is why those laws call for the stoning of homosexuals, allow rape, allow slavery, allow the abuse of women and little girls, etc. They are a sick bunch of laws, which certainly did not come from the Mind of a just God, but from the mind of a psychopath that lusted for power.

Thus, any Priesthood that follows the Laws laid out for them in the Bible are following the Laws of the Davidic Jews.

It is written that if there is a change in Priesthood, there must also be a change in Laws. (Hebrews 7:12) Thus, when the House of David took over the Priesthood, they changed the Laws to those laws that suited David and his offspring.

The Christian leaders wanted to follow Davidic Laws, which is probably why the Christians claim that Jesus transferred his "keys to the kingdom" to Peter, the Christian. As a stand-in for Jesus, they could judge people by the Davidic Laws....because all tyrants think like David did. They prefer the laws of a tyrant ..because they are gods of war like David.

King David is credited with changing the Laws of God and judging according his own sense of right and wrong, which is what made it possible for Absalom to challenge his throne. And, we see what happened to Absalom.

What people need to realize is that the laws found in the Bible are NOT the Laws that will bring Peace to this planet. They are the laws that bring about division and abuse and killing......and Tyranny......because those who changed God's Laws to reflect their own sense of Justice....were tyrants. These were the ones who "ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil" which the God of Truth told them NOT to eat from. (This is found in the prophetic allegory in the 3rd chapter of Genesis.)

These tyrants decided for themselves what was good and what was bad, and they forced their laws, their sense of morality, on all their subjects. It is these kings who claim to speak for the God of Truth who are God's Adversaries because they twisted His Words and perverted His Laws. They replaced the God of Truth's Laws with their own.....and this is the reason the world is in the terrible state it is right now.

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