Chapter One: Rise of Lucifer

*The most important pieces that came out of the chaos of the Big Bang were those of the Cosmic Egg because inside this Cosmic Egg was Life. Inside the Cosmic Egg was creative Genius.

In fact, there was no Life on this planet until it was touched by this Cosmic Egg which caused all forms of life to be created here. Everything it touched it invigorated in new and different ways, into different species of life.

There was a continual influx of new life forms that fed on each other. Thus, the Cosmic Egg created life and life sustained itself by devouring other life forms.

This is the story of those men who discovered the Cosmic Egg in its purest form and devoured it. They devoured the Creator. They devoured the DNA of "God"….and it changed them forever.

They become one with the Creator,….the Cosmic Egg.

They became a new kind of human life form superior in intelligence…and they soon learned that mixing this bread-like substance they called "manna" with the blood of little boys extended their own life spans, gave them immortality.*

This mixing of the blood of young boys with the manna before eating it is what caused these Nephilim vampires to begin sexually lusting after little boys. It caused them to become the first pedophiles and they spread their pedophilia to every child they touched in this unnatural way.

It was this untainted essence of Life that they came to crave, which is why they are drawn to the blood of innocent children. The very sight of blood sexually arouses them and excites their hunger for the soul,…the life inside its host.

There arose men like The Seer who warned people about these vampires who, if not stopped, would suck the Life out of this whole planet.

Look out into space at the dead planets that once had life on them. They are dead because the Creator, this Cosmic Egg, is also the Destroyer, thus the inclination is in the DNA of these vampires to destroy life…..all life on this planet.

All of the writings of the book that came to be known as "The Bible" were written by one man,….The Seer. His writings are found in Genesis….all the way to Revelation. There were NO major or minor prophets. These men were all characters who came from the mind of The Seer. Their "prophecies" were written after this supposed fictional history took place.

The Seer wrote that Book as a fictional narrative, but inside this fictional narrative he hid clues that would reveal the identity of the Nephilim Vampires who were well on their way to killing all life on this whole planet.

They are called the "fallen ones",....the Dead (aka, Apollyon, the Destroyer) who use the Skull & Crossed Bones as a symbol of who they are….and the Bible is their story…..because it is all about them and all the destruction these war mongers wreak via their holy wars, destroying everything good… in the "land of the living". They are the ones who enslave and make life miserable for everybody else. They are the ones who transform every land they touch into a living Hell.

The Seer's book is not about following a Chosen people that "God" likes best. It's not a Guideline by which one should live his life.

His book is about following an elite group of Osiris worshiping Nephilim, child-sacrificing, blood drinking vampire saints & priests who are fated to create Lucifer,....the one who destroys this whole planet and brings about the "end of all flesh" if not stopped.

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