Armageddon is the Position of Control Over World Trade and Military

*Armageddon is mentioned one time in the Bible and everybody thinks they know what it is. But do they? What every Patriot needs to know is that Armageddon is here and it is not good news for them.

Take a look at the Middle East. Men, women, and even children are being drawn into Holy War. They fight, they suffer and they die agonizing deaths. For what?

What is their reward for sacrificing their lives to this so-called "Holy War"….which is known Biblically as the War of God Almighty? You've heard about it in church. You've been warned that it is coming. WHAT is it all about?

You might be surprised to learn that, according to the writings of John the Revelator, the War of God Almighty is all about placing a King in control over World Trade and Military. Yes, THAT is what the War of God Almighty is all about. It's about Trade, which is why the Globalists are so focused on Trade.

In Revelation 16:14-16 of the Christian Bible we are told that the kings are gathered to the War of God Almighty and they are brought to that PLACE called "Har-Magedon, which means in Hebrew "mountain of Megiddo". Yes, Armageddon is a PLACE. Look it up yourself!

Armageddon is NOT a war.
It is the Goal….the Pinnacle these Biblical kings aspire to achieve.*

Yes, the purpose of the War of God Almighty, or Holy War,… is to get these kings to that place called "Armageddon".

You have to realize that Armageddon is a very important PLACE because in the end the human carnage left behind is going to be in the billions.

So, let's break it down as to exactly what the term "Armageddon" actually means.

If we want to know what John the Revelator meant by this symbol we have to go back in history to what Megiddo represented to the ancient ones.

Megiddo was a part of the Promised Land and strategically located geographically to where anyone who wanted to conduct Trade from Europe and Asia down into Egypt (and vice versa) had to pass through Megiddo.

Megiddo was the hub of all Trade activity and the king who controlled Megiddo got a cut of all Trade that passed through there,…which made him very rich and very powerful.

These kings controlled all Trade activity….and they protected that Trade.. with their Military.

In other words, NO ONE COULD BUY OR SELL without the king's approval. Everything had to have his stamp before it could be bought or sold.
That included people who were also bought and sold.
Even these slaves carried a tattoo or MARK on their bodies….showing exactly who owned them.

This is pretty much comparable to the bar code today that identifies every item bought and sold. And, it won't be long until all of us have a bar code implanted into our right hand or forehead which will identify us as citizens, as slaves of the Globalists' sovereignty. We will either work for them, or we won't work at all. We will not be allowed to exist.

In John's vision the "mountain" represented an empire, thus the "mountain of Megiddo" represented an EMPIRE THAT CONTROLLED WORLD TRADE AND MILITARY.
It is, in fact, a Financial Empire.
And, it is world wide today.

The Globalists/Jesuits/Zionists/Holy Alliance of Kings/Vatican (a composite group of men) now control this Financial EMPIRE.
They are using American tax dollars and American soldiers to expand their Empire.

Yes, the Globalists have already achieved this Position of Control over World Trade and Military, and now they are coming after the Patriots,….the Resistance to their Divine Rule since the days of King George III. These kings have achieved "Armageddon", this position of control, through all the wars they have orchestrated.
This is why the wars will never cease and innocent people will continue to die.

This is why the Globalists place their own people like the Clintons into positions of power so they can push through Trade Deals like NAFTA and TPP,…which strengthens the power of the Globalists and tightens their grip on the throats of the American working class while stripping their rights from them and financially enslaving them.

The fact that the Globalists are the ones who control Armageddon proves that the Globalists are kings because John the Revelator identified them as such.

They are the Royalty and their Nobility Class, which is exactly what the Bilderberg Group is made up of, such as
Prince Charles, the Rothschilds, George Soros, the Saudi princes, and a host of European royalty and nobility. These are the very kinds of people our forefathers fought against to gain their Independence from. These are the very "kings and queens" Senator Scott Brown bragged about talking to every day.

Controlling the position of Armageddon is the reason the Jesuits/Globalists, who secretly control the America's Congress, are spending trillions of YOUR tax dollars on THEIR military. They are not using our tax dollars to build up America. No, our infrastructure is crumbling down around us, so they are not spending our money to improve life for the American people, their slave class. They care nothing for us. They only care about how we can serve them.

They are spending OUR TAX DOLLARS on building THEIR EMPIRE of control over World Trade and Military. And, they don't care how many innocent men, women, and children have to die in their orchestrated wars in order for them to control this Position of Power called "Armageddon".

These innocent people are simply pawns to be sacrificed in order for the Jesuits/Throne of Peter to maintain Armageddon, their position of control over World Trade and Military.

So, the next time the Jesuits/Globalists try to tell you Armageddon is a War to establish the Divine Rule of God's chosen King, you tell them, "No,…it is NOT. Armageddon is about the greed of kings….and their lust for power."

It's about their establishing Lucifer as the god of this world.

Stay Awake. A Storm is Coming....

The White Lady

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