The Flavian Bible Intro

I would like to preface this by stating that I am in favor of Flavian rule. However, they are not without their faults. So, this book is about the rise and fall and rise again of Flavian rule.

In order to understand their fall from Grace, one must understand the circumstances and mistakes (and hubris) on their part that caused their own downfall. And, they need to understand the changes they must make in order to continue their Divine Guardianship of this planet.
Thus,…I write this book.

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Flavius Rules

The God of this planet has a Name. It is Flavius. Flavius means "golden" and he is "the Shining One". Flavius is also known as God's Son. And, like his Father, "God",…he too is a Creator.

Flavius is still in the process of being created. So, even though he is highly intelligent and extremely powerful, like his Father,…he is still in a very unstable condition at this time. He needs to be stabilized before he destroys that which he has been destined by The Seer to rule:…this whole planet.

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Armageddon is the Position of Control Over World Trade and Military

Armageddon is mentioned one time in the Bible and everybody thinks they know what it is. But do they?
What every Patriot needs to know is that Armageddon is here and it is not good news for them.

Take a look at the Middle East. Men, women, and even children are being drawn into Holy War. They fight, they suffer and they die agonizing deaths. For what?

What is their reward for sacrificing their lives to this so-called "Holy War"….which is known Biblically as the War of God Almighty? You've heard about it in church. You've been warned that it is coming. WHAT is it all about?

You might be surprised to learn that, according to the writings of John the Revelator, the War of God Almighty is all about placing a King in control over World Trade and Military. Yes, THAT is what the War of God Almighty is all about. It's about Trade, which is why the Globalists are so focused on Trade.

In Revelation 16:14-16 of the Christian Bible we are told that the kings are gathered to the War of God Almighty and they are brought to that PLACE called "Har-Magedon, which means in Hebrew "mountain of Megiddo".
Yes, Armageddon is a PLACE. Look it up yourself!

Armageddon is NOT a war.
It is the Goal….the Pinnacle these Biblical kings aspire to achieve.

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